ASH News Daily is the only official print publication of the ASH annual meeting. The four separate issues cover the four days of the annual meeting and feature informative articles on a wide range of Education Program sessions, Scientific Committee sessions, and abstract presentations. The newspaper is produced and delivered daily to select hotels, is available on the shuttle buses, and is distributed throughout the convention center.

Section A provides on-site coverage of annual meeting events and sessions, with articles selected and written by the editorial board (please see listing below). Section B covers ASH Society news such as current initiatives and award winners, while in Section C, attendees can read additional Society coverage, complete maps of the ASH campus, each day’s Schedule-at-a-Glance, daily oral and poster session lists, and more. New in 2019, the Exhibits Section is your one-stop for the Exhibit Hall map and exhibitor listing, plus useful information such as product theaters.

ASH News Daily 2019 Editorial Board


Ayesha Zia, MD

Ayesha Zia, MD (@AyeshaNZia)

Ayesha Zia is Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Director of The Bleeding Disorders and Thrombosis Program at The University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, where she specializes in pediatric hematology, with expertise in hemostasis and thrombosis. Dr. Zia graduated from The King Edward Medical University in Lahore, Pakistan. Dr. Zia’s hometown is Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, which she describes as, “a lush green city surrounded by beautiful mountains.” She now resides in Dallas, however, “a large metropolitan city built around railroads and interstates, and no mountains!”

Last year, Dr. Zia served as an ASH News Daily author. She is an ASH Clinical Research Training Institute alumnus and participated in an ASH K2R Workshop.

She proudly shared with the team that she makes divine biryani!

Binod Dhakal, MD, MS (@bhemato)

Binod Dhakal, MD, MS

Binod Dhakal is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Medical College of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He specializes in multiple myeloma and related plasma cell disorders as well as bone marrow transplantation and cellular therapies. Other research interests that appeal to Dr. Dhakal include the translational science of understanding biomarkers for immunotherapy in myeloma and myeloma bone disease.

Dr. Dhakal, who was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, and now resides in Brookfield, Wisconsin, with his wife and two kids, graduated from Manipal College of Medical Sciences in Pokhara, Nepal. He completed his residency and fellowship at Saint Francis Hospital, in Evanston, Illinois, and Medical College of Wisconsin, respectively. Dr. Dhakal served as a junior author for ASH News Daily in 2017. He is a big fan of soccer, so in his spare time, Dr. Dhakal enjoys following European leagues “religiously.” He also loves traveling with his family and trying out different cuisines from all over the world.

Janice Staber, MD (@janice_staber)

Janice Staber, MD

Janice Staber is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa, where she specializes in pediatric hematology. Her other research interests include hemostasis, thrombosis, gene therapy, and hemophilia. Dr. Staber’s hometown is Sioux City, Iowa, and her alma maters are the University of Iowa and the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

Dr. Staber loves to travel, and as a very fun fact, she told us when she was a kid, she participated in a group called 4-H where she showed rabbits at competitions and won multiple awards.

Basem William, MD, MRCP(UK), FACP (@Basemwilliam_ MD)

Basem William, MD, MRCP(UK), FACP

Basem William is Associate Professor of Internal Medicine in the Division of Hematology at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He is originally from Cairo, Egypt, and graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo. Dr. William specializes in hematology, oncology, and internal medicine. His varied research interests include lymphoma, T-cell lymphoma, cutaneous lymphomas, blood and marrow transplantation, cellular therapy, chimeric antigen receptor T cells, clinical trials, translational research, and drug development.

Dr. William shared with us that his absolute favorite travel destination is Halifax, Nova Scotia, because it is the place where he met his wife.

Ilana Yurkiewicz, MD (@ilanayurkiewicz)

Ilana Yurkiewicz, MD

Ilana Yurkiewicz is a Hematology and Oncology Fellow at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. She is interested in acute leukemia and does research on clinical outcomes, novel therapeutics, and physician-patient communication. Dr. Yurkiewicz graduated from Yale University and got her MD from Harvard Medical School. She grew up in New York and now lives in Palo Alto. Dr. Yurkiewicz brings a wealth of experience to ASH News Daily, gained from her profession before becoming a doctor — working as a science and health reporter.

Currently, Dr. Yurkiewicz writes the Hard Questions column at Hematology News and co-hosts the Blood and Cancer podcast.

Ahmar Zaidi, MD (@ ahmaruroojzaidi)

Ahmar Zaidi, MD

Ahmar Zaidi is a Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. Originally from Windsor, Ontario, he graduated from Medical University of the Americas and now specializes in sickle cell disease, hemoglobinopathies, and classical hematology. His other research interests include social media and wearable technology. Dr. Zaidi was a junior au- thor for the 2018 ASH News Daily and is a member of the ASH Medical Educators Institute Class of 2019.

His ultimate guilty pleasure, he shared with us, is Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Oh, and he also gave a TED Talk on sickle cell disease this year.

Junior Authors

Alexander Glaros, MD
Lynn Malec, MD


ASH News Daily Seeks New Blood!

ASH is in search of the next team of authors for the 2020 ASH News Daily. If you are an ASH member (MD or PhD) who has a passion for writing as great as your love for hematology, you may be the right fit.

Ideal candidates are proficient, published writers who are curious about, and willing to cover, areas outside their comfort zone. You must be able to attend the annual meeting in December 2020, as well as one in-person board meeting two to three months prior. Interested candidates should have a flexible schedule at the annual meeting and be good with firm deadlines; enjoy science writing and be able to approach it creatively; and enjoy networking and doing author outreach.

If this sounds like you, please email Managing Editor Juana Llorens ( with a letter of interest, two writing samples, and your CV. For more information about ASH News Daily, visit www.

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