In the Future, All Blood Is Red

This year, at medical schools across the country, students will virtually attend a series of lectures on the ethics of medicine, during which they’ll learn words like “paternalism” and “therapeutic alliance,” “egalitarianism” and “stewardship,” and “beneficence” and...

A New Angle for #ASH20

As an introvert, I am relieved that the virtual platform means avoiding the masses and dodgy coffee. As a human, I mourn the loss of tradition and sense of normalcy. Like most other aspects of 2020, the 62nd ASH Annual Meeting will operate with an “improvise, adapt,...

A Cavalcade of COVID, and Clots, and Coagulopathy

Unless you’ve been living on another planet (and in that case, I need more details), your life has likely been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March, our world has changed in ways that most of us could have never imagined. From working on the...


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