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The Data Hub, a component of the recently launched ASH Research Collaborative (ASH RC), is a technology platform that facilitates the exchange of information by aggregating research-grade data on hematologic diseases in one place and making it available for inquiry. ASH News Daily spoke with William A. Wood, MD, MPH, chair of the Data Hub Oversight Group, about the significance of the Data Hub and updates on the development of this tool.

“The ASH Research Collaborative Data Hub is a new and cutting-edge resource to inform research and practice in hematology,” Dr. Wood shared. He explained that the Data Hub represents several collections of aggregated research-grade data corresponding to different malignant and nonmalignant hematologic diseases. “Hematology stakeholders will use the Data Hub to answer research questions and present and publish findings,” he continued. Dr. Wood noted that the Data Hub is logically a key part of a broad ASH RC strategy that engages researchers, practitioners, and patients in order to transform the way we understand and approach hematologic diseases.

Dr. Wood elaborated on the process of developing the Data Hub and provided updates on where we are regarding the timeline. He mentioned that the two initial ASH RC Data Hub projects focus on sickle cell disease (SCD) and multiple myeloma (MM). “We have developed an approach to our individual disease projects that is systematic and methodical,” he added. This approach includes careful development of disease-specific data models in consultation with scientific experts and our technology collaborator, Prometheus Research. He explained that the Data Hub team is building relationships with data contributors from academia, industry, and foundations, to populate the platform with retrospective and prospective data in each of the disease areas. Several groups have signed on to the first two projects, and Dr. Wood is confident that they represent the leaders of what will soon be a large network of data contributors in the next year. “We welcome interest from the ASH community in data contribution and strongly encourage those who would like to participate to reach out,” he urged. Dr. Wood also emphasized the Data Hub will expand beyond SCD and MM.

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To obtain additional updates on the ASH RC Data Hub, attend the ASH RC Update session featuring Dr. Wood and Charles S. Abrams, MD, taking place on Monday, December 9, at 6:15 p.m., in W207BC, Level 2, of the Orange County Convention Center.

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