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The ASH Clinical Research Training Institute (CRTI) has the goal of improving the training of clinicians in patient-oriented clinical research. With the growth of the program, there has been ongoing interest in disseminating the training program to areas outside of North America, which led to the successful development and implementation of CRTI in Latin America (CRTI-LA).

In 2016, ASH first organized a halfday event for trainees in conjunction with Highlights of ASH in Asia-Pacific (HOA-APAC). In 2017, ASH again extended its resources to develop the first Clinical Research Trainee Day (CRTD) program for trainees specifically practicing in Asia-Pacific countries.

At the 2020 Highlights of ASH, this growth will continue, offering clinical research training opportunities for trainees in Asia-Pacific. Building on the successful and highly attended (90+ trainees) CRTD in Asia-Pacific, a formal CRTI Asia-Pacific program will be piloted, modeling the structure of CRTI-LA. By designing an additional day of hands-on training with a robust curriculum for 20 CRTI Asia-Pacific scholars (selected through an application process and study section), this program seeks to further enhance the impact on training clinicians in patient- oriented research and cultivating new leaders in the field of hematology in Asia-Pacific.

The additional day of curriculum would include topics focusing on clinical research, translational research, regulatory issues, and creating registries. The March 2020 pilot program will harness the experience of speakers who have already been selected to speak at CRTD in Asia-Pacific and at HOA-APAC.


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