The editors of Blood are pleased to introduce a new series of podcasts, published weekly in conjunction with each issue of Blood. The new series will highlight selected articles from every issue, and the first promotional podcast will be made available during this year’s annual meeting. The series will officially launch with the first issue of 2020.

Blood is committed to attracting the best science to the journal and to disseminating the research to the widest audience. The scholarly publishing environment is rapidly changing, and the journal strives to create new opportunities for authors to share their research and also for the journal to promote that research. The forthcoming weekly Blood podcast series is a reflection of both this current landscape and these broader goals.

According to recent information from, 51 percent of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast. Data also show that podcast listeners are loyal audiences, and 80 percent listen to all or most of each podcast episode that they download. This mirrors the response to popular existing ASH podcasts, including The Hematologist podcast.

The new weekly podcast from Blood will begin publishing 52 episodes per year. The roughly 20- to 25-minute episodes will provide in-depth summaries of a few articles selected from every issue. Two Special Section Editors, Georgia Vogelsang, MD, and James D. Griffin, MD, will share the duties of facilitating the content for each episode, including curating summaries of each spotlighted article. Visit pages/multimedia, to stay up to date as new podcasts are released in the new year.


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